Gel Type Weak Acid Ion Exchange Resin

Lanlang is producing gel type weak acid ion exchange resin.
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Strong acid ion exchange resin is very normal now. But seldom factory could supply gel type weak acid ion exchange resin.Lanlang is manufacturing and offering big volume of gel type weak acid cation resin to overseas customers each month.The model number is TC113.Lanalng TC113 is a GEL type weak acid cation exchange resin with high capacity.The resin is based on a polyacrylic,livinylbenzene matrix with carboxylic acid functional groups.

In water treatment applications, Lanlang TC113 is very effective in removing Ca+ and Mg+ at nearly 100% chemicals efficiency.Due to weak acid functionality, the resin revmoves temprorary hardness(Cacium and Magnesium associated with the water alkalinity)but not the permanent hardness(hardness associated with FMA)

You could find the details specification as below.

Model number:TC113

Matrix:Cross Linked Plystyrene

Functional Group:R-COOH,Carboxylic

Ionic Form:H+(Hydrogen)

Physical Form:Moist opaque beads

Particle size(mm):0.315-1.25mm

Moisture Content:45%-55%

Total Exchange Capacity(Min):4.0 eq/L

Bulk density or shipping weight:680-780 gms/Ltr

Operation PH range:5-14

Solubility in common solvents:Insoluble

Effect of Acid & Alkali:Unaffected

Operation temperature(max):120℃

Suggestion Operation conditions:

Max operating temperature:120 ℃

Service flow rate:5-40 BV/h

Regenerant:3-6% HCl, 0.5-0.8% H2SO4

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