Good Ion Exchange Resin For Water Purification

TC007FG ion exchange resin for water purification Food Grade gel type strong acid cation exchange resin Used for softening potable water and water for foods and beverages
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Pure water is widely used in industrial sectors, scientific research institutions, and cutting-edge technologies. High-purity water has strict requirements on the content of residual inorganic salts in water, and has strict indexes on various metal ion contents, organic matter content, particle size and number of microorganisms in water; the object of pure water system is the same as high-purity water.

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Lanlang TC007 FG is a SAC resin product with WQA certification.

Have excellent performance in usage for customers.

Also,it is a gel type resin.

The main advantage of the gel type product is that the exchange capacity is higher than that of the macroporous product, and the synthesis process is also simpler. The disadvantage is that it is easily contaminated by organic matter, because the small pore size is not conducive to ion movement, and the larger diameter molecules tend to block the mesh when passing, and are not easy to elute during regeneration.

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