Good Quality Demineralizer Resin For Water Treatment

Lanlang ® TA207 High capacity gel type I strong base anion exchange resin Used for water demineralization, acid radical removal.
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Good quality demineralizer resin for water treatment

The strongly basic anion resin contains a strong basic group such as a quaternary amine group (also known as a quaternary amine group)-NR3OH (R is a hydrocarbon group), which is strongly alkaline in dissociating OH- in water. The positively charged group of this resin can be adsorbed and combined with an anion in the solution to cause anion exchange. This resin is very dissociable and works well at different pHs. It is regenerated with a strong base such as Sodium hydroxide.

Product description

TA207 is a resin product with high capacity.

Also,it is a gel type demineralization resin product.

It can be used in water demineralization application.

Other information

The gel type resin of a homogeneous gel structure which is formed by condensation or polymerization of a pure monomer mixture and has a transparent appearance is collectively referred to as a gel resin. Generally used in water treatment industry and application.

The exchange capacity of the gel resin is higher than that of the macroporous one, and the synthesis process is also relatively simple. When the macroporous resin is polymerized, an inert organic solvent is added as a porogen. After the polymerization, the solvent must be extracted and removed, and then chemically activated to introduce an ion exchange group. Therefore, the macroporous resin synthesis process and corresponding Post-treatment is more complicated than gel resin. In addition to high-flow water treatment systems, gel-type resins are mostly used in general water treatment.

Storage conditions

Resins placed in the exchanger for long-term deactivation. In order to prevent irreversible contamination of the resin by microorganisms (such as algae, bacteria, etc.), the resin must be thoroughly backwashed before decommissioning to remove suspended matter accumulated during operation, and pay attention to regular Rinse and change water. Or after thorough backwashing, the following measures are taken:

The resin layer was passed twice through a mixture of 3 times resin volume of 10% Sodium chloride + 2% Sodium hydroxide, soaked for several hours each time, and then drained. If necessary, the resin layer was rinsed with 2 times the resin volume of 0.2% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) solution before restarting.

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Good quality demineralizer resin for water treatment

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