Good Quality Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin

Lanlang ® TA207 High capacity gel type I strong base anion exchange resin Used for water demineralization, acid radical removal.
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Product Details

Lanlang ® TA207 Is a premium grade gel type I strong base anion exchange resin.



Water demineralization (deionization), acid radical removal.

Polymer matrix structure:

Gel polystyrene crosslinked with divinylbenzene (DVB)


White & pale yellow translucent, spherical beads

Functional Group:

Quaternary amine, type I (Trimethylamine)

Ionic form as shipped:

Cl- or OH- when ordered as TA207-OH

More info:

The gel structure of the gel type resin is microporous. The ion exchange reaction is carried out by diffusion of pores (micropores) formed by cross-linking the distance between macromolecular chains to the vicinity of the exchange group. The micropores become smaller as the degree of crosslinking increases, and become larger as the gel swells. When the resin is in a dry state, the pores are virtually absent. The gel resin has no physical pores (capillary pores) but only chemical pores, and it has a continuous and gel-free structure. When the gel-type resin is polymerized, a cross-linking agent needs to be added, and the change in the amount of the cross-linking agent should be controlled so that corresponding micropores are formed in the resin, and the pore diameter is between 0.5 and 5 nm. It is mainly used to adsorb anions and cations in water, and has a weak adsorption capacity for organic substances. Easily contaminated and aged, specific surface area <0.1m / g dry resin. Appearance is transparent spherical particles.

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