H Form Strong Acid Cation Resin

strong acid cation resin
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Today let me introduce H form strong acid cation resin; TC007H to you.It is equal to Amber 1200 H Industrial Grade Strong Acid Cation Exchanger Description AMB 1200 H resin is a uniform particle size, high quality, strong acid cation exchanger designed for use in all general demineralisation systems. The particle size of 1200 H resin have been optimised for use in industrial demineralisation equipment including mixed beds when paired with AMBJET 420 Cl resin. (TC007)1200 H resin can be directly substituted for conventional gel cation exchange resin in new equipment and in rebeds of existing installations.

Typical Properties of H form strong acid cation resin

These properties are typical but do not constitute specifications.

Physical form Amber spherical beads Matrix Styrene divinylbenzene copolymer

Functional group Sulfonate Ionic form as shipped H +

Total exchange capacity [1] ≥ 1.80 eq/L (H+ form) - ≥ 2.00 eq/L (Na+ form)

Moisture holding capacity [1] 49 to 55% (H+ form)

Shipping weight 800 g/L

Specific gravity 1.18 to 1.22 (H+ form)

Particle size

Uniformity coefficient [1] ≤ 1.7

Harmonic size 300 -1250 µm

Fines content [1] < 0.300 mm : 0.1% max

Maximum reversible swelling Na+ H+ : 10%

Contractual value

Test methods are available on request

Suggested Operating

Conditions Maximum operating temperature 135°C

Minimum bed depth 800 mm

Service flow rate 5 to 50 BV*/h

Maximum service velocity 60 m/h


Regenerant HCl; H2 SO4

Level (g/L) 40 to 150 ;40 to 200

Concentration (%) 4 to 10 ;1 to 8

Minimum contact time 20 minutes

Slow rinse 2 BV at regeneration flow rate

Fast rinse 1 to 3 BV at service flow rate

* 1 BV (Bed Volume) = 1 m3 solution per m3 resin

strong acid cation resin

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