High Quality Food Grade Cation Resin

Lanlang ® TC113FGD-F Food Grade fine mesh macroporous weak acid cation exchange resin Used for softening, dealkalizing potable water and water for foods and beverages.
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Product Details

High quality food grade cation resin

TC113FGD-F is a kind of cation resin.

It is also food grade resin and fine mesh type resin.

In a cation resin all the sites are negatively charged, so that only positive ions can be separated; an anion resin has positively charged sites.

Below are some features about this resin product.



Water softening, dealkalizing for potable water, foods and beverages

Polymer matrix structure:

Fine mesh macroporous acrylic crosslinked with divinylbenzene (DVB)


Light yellow, opaque, spherical beads

Functional Group:

Carboxylic acid

Ionic form as shipped:


For the food grade:

It is in compliance with US FDA 21 CFR 173.25 and NSF/ANSI 61 qualified with WQA Gold Seal Certificate.

For the fine mesh type:

Fine mesh size refers to the dimensions of the individual resin beads. The finer the mesh size, the smaller the beads. Smaller beads can pack together more tightly so, for a given volume of resin, fine mesh will offer more ion-exchange surface area and will do more softening.

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