High Quality Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin

Lanlang ® TA213D Is a premium grade macroporous type I strong base anion exchange resin with polyacrylic matrix and quaternary amine (Trimethylamine) function group in standard Gaussian size distribution. Its macroporous structure makes it can adsorb soluble organic molecules and provides good performance to resist to osmotic & mechanical shock and oxidation. The acrylic structure makes TA213D has excellent desorption of organics during regeneration. TA213D is used in multi bed demineralization to prevent resins from organic fouling. It (or combining with TA201D) also could be used for sugar decolorization.
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Product Details

High quality strong base anion exchange resin

Lanlang ® TA213D

Macroporous type I strong base anion exchange resin

Basic Features:


Water demineralization (deionization), organic scavenger, sugar decolorization.

Polymer matrix structure:

Macroporous polyacrylic crosslinked with divinylbenzene (DVB)


White opaque, spherical beads

Functional Group:

Quaternary amine type I (Trimethylamine)

Ionic form as shipped:


Further information:

The water demineralization

All ions must be removed from water. Therefore the water passes first through cation exchange resins in the hydrogen form, then through anion exchange resins in the hydroxyl or free base form. All cations are replaced by ions from the cation resin, and all anions for the ions of the anion resin. These H+ and OH— ions recombine to create new water molecules (H2O). The treated water contains only traces of sodium and silica.The use of weakly functional resins depends on the raw water analysis and plant size.

The Quentin process in sugar decolorization

Crystallisation of beet sugar is partially inhibited by the potassium and sodium ions contained in the juice, so that large quantities of sugar remain in the molasses after crystallisation. Magnesium being less "melassigenous" than sodium or potassium, the idea is to pass the thin juice through a column of strongly acidic cation exchange resin in the magnesium form. This increases the production of whit sugar and reduces the quantity of molasses.

Lanlang -- Upgrade your water!

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