ion exchange beads for water treatment

Lanlang ® TA201D Industrial Grade macroporous type I strong base anion exchange resin Used for water demineralization, organics removal
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Product Details

ion exchange beads for water treatment

Product description

TA201D is a macroporous type I SBA ion exchange beads.

Its functional group is quaternary amine, type I (Trimethylamine).

Can be used for water demineralization.

Product size

We offer different size options (resin particle) of ion exchange beads as:

Regular: 0.315-1.25mm Coarse: 0.60-1.25mm

Fine Mesh: 0.20-0.56mm Uniform: 0.425-0.85mm

Quality control

We offer complete Certificate of Analysis (COA) to customers before shipment.

About lanlang

ion exchange beads for water treatment

Lanlang has get the WQA Certificate NSF61&372 and regist our own brand logo in the USA.

Since 2005,we specialize in the production and sale of water treatment raw materials and products and the provision of water solutions.

So,if you have any problem with your water,just contact us!

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