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Lanlang has two kinds of ion exchange chromatography resin. The model of the two products are CS-1 and CS-2. They are all strong acid cation resin. One is in calcium form and the other is in sodium form.
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Ion exchange chromatography resinion exchange chromatography resin



Strong acid cation resin in calcium form

Used for glucose and fructose separation

CS-1 is a chromatogram resin with special particle size range. Lanlang ® CS-1 is a calcium type resin. Mainly used to separate and purify of glucose and fructose, the purity of fructose could improve from 42% to 80%-95%.

Elution & Selectivity

Proteins are most often eluted from IEX columns by increasing the concentration of counterions (salts) in the buffer solution. You may also consider using pH shifts as well. They can be helpful in specific cases when using a weak ion exchange resin, or if adjusting the salt concentration cannot achieve sufficient resolution. Choice of elution method, either via linear gradient or a step elution, affects selectivity. Also, keep in mind down stream techniques, such as surface plasmon resonance.

Ion-exchange chromatography is an incredibly versatile method for protein purification, which is vital for certain analyses (such as in a SPR technique). The method can be used at any stage of purification, and the diversity of available resins provide a broad spectrum of selectivity that can be fine-tuned for your protein of interest.

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