Ion Exchange Resin Amberlite

ion exchange resin amberlite
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Lanlang corp is ion exchange resin manufacturer.

Now let me introduce the MB9L

Industrial Grade Regenerable Mixed Bed Resin

AMBERLITE resin is a homogeneous mixture of a strongly acidic cation exchanger in the H+ form with a strongly basic anion exchanger in the OH form. It is mainly characterised by a high cationic exchange capacity. Lanlang TYMB-1 (analog MB9L) resin contains no dye indicator to show exhaustion of the resin and a conductivity meter is needed to monitor the treated water quality and the exhaustion endpoint.

TYMB-1 resin is specifically designed for the partial demineralisation of water when the ratio of alkalinity to free mineral acidity is higher than 1,where complete removal of the cations and of the acidity is essentially required without the need to fully eliminate CO2 and silica.

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ion exchange resin in water treatment

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