Ion Exchange Resin For Removing Boron

Lanlang has several different kinds of ion exchange resin for removing Boron.
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Lanlang has several different ion exchange resin for removing Boron from industry waste water.They are equivalent CRB0 5, IRC743. The mose popular one is CH040 chelating resin.

CH040 chelating resin is a macroporous polymer with coordinated amine groups (N-methylglucamine) on the styrene-divinylbenzene skeleton. The chemical structure of N-methylglucosamine is similar to monosaccharides. It can form very stable complexes with boric acid, but it is inert to other anions. It helps to form stable complexes with borate ions in water to achieve removal of borate in aqueous solution. This group is more sensitive to pH value. The formation of complex ions can only be generated in neutral and alkaline solutions, and complex ions decompose in acid solutions.CH040 is mainly used for the removal of boron from industrial products and the removal of boron from aqueous solutions.

The main application:

-Preparation of magnesium salt solution without boron. 12% magnesium chloride generally contains about 100ppm of boron, and the amount of boron is reduced to less than 10ppm through resin treatment to produce excellent magnesium.

-Removal of boron in boron-containing aqueous solutions such as drinking water and irrigation water.

-Boron removal by desalination.

-Regulation of boron content in nuclear reactors.

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