Ion Exchange Resin For Sale

Lanlang ® TA213D Macroporous type I strong base anion exchange resin Used for water demineralization, organic scavenger, sugar decolorization
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Ion Exchange Resin For Sale

TA213D one of Lanlang's strong base anion ion exchange resin for sale.

It is macroporous type resin.

Features of macroporous resin

It has stable physical and chemical properties, is insoluble in acids, bases and organic solvents, and is not affected by inorganic salts and strong ion low molecular compounds. Resin adsorption relies on van der Waals attraction between it and the adsorbed molecule (adsorbed matter), and works by its large physical adsorption on the surface, so that the organic compound can be eluted by a certain solvent according to its adsorption and its molecular weight. Separate to achieve separation, purification, impurity removal, concentration and other purposes.

Company profile

Lanlang, established in 2005, has a professional team engaged in the research, development, production, sale, and service of water filtration medias.

ion exchange resin for sale

Lanlang has many ion exchange resin for sale.

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