Ion Exchange Resin For Water Filter Pitcher

Lanlang WQA certificate water filtration resin, premium food-grade, Water flow-out NO color, NO odor insured. Ion exchange resin manufacturer.
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Ion exchange resins are composed of insoluble polymer beads designed with a "functional group" that attracts ions of the opposite charge. Cations (positively charged compounds) are removed with cation exchange resins, while anions (negatively charged compounds) are removed with anion exchange resins. There are many functional sites that exist all over the bead, from the surface to deep inside.

Lanlang®TC113FGD Is a premium food-grade macroporous weak acid cation exchange resin with polyacrylic matrix structure in standard Gaussian size distribution. TC113FGD is in compliance with US FDA 21 CFR 173.25 and NSF/ANSI 61 qualified with WQA Gold Seal Certificate. It can be used to remove both temporary hardness and alkalinity (carbonate, bicarbonate, and hydroxide) from water. This process produces carbon dioxide from bicarbonate to give a pleasant taste to the treated water. It's high total and operating capacity, and its good kinetics make it is especially suitable to be used in small water filter cartridges for pitchers.

ion exchange resin for water filter pitcher


Appearance: Light yellow, opaque, spherical beads

Polymer matrix structure: Macroporous acrylic crosslinked with divinylbenzene (DVB)

Functional Group: Carboxylic acid

Ionic form as shipped: H+

Application: Water softening, dealkalizing for potable water, foods and beverages

Get in touch with us to get the complete TC113FGD DATASHEET.


1. Lead removal efficiently

2. Water flow-out NO color, NO odor insured

3. WQA certified by passing NSF/ANSI 61 and NSF/ANSI 372 standard

4. Customize particle size range to meet your demands

5. Free samples available

6. Strict Quality Control, test result available

Lanlang WQA


Lanlang, established in 2005, has a professional team engaged in the research, development, production, sale, and service of water filtration media.

Lanlang is a member of the American Water Quality Association. With more than 15 years of professional experience, Lanlang is now China Top-10 ion exchange resin supplier. Annually we export 1000+ shipments to customers from over 40+ countries.

Welcome to contact us! We are ready to offer you water solutions in the field of industrial water treatment, household POE & POU water filtration, drinking water, beauty care, family cleaning, and aquarium, etc.

ion exchange resin factory

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