Ion Exchange Resin For Water Purification

Lanlang ® TA208 Gel type I strong base anion exchange resin Used for hexavalent chromium, uranium removal
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Ion exchange resin for water purification

Chromium exists mainly in trivalent and hexavalent forms in water, of which Cr6+ is very toxic, about 100 times that of Cr3+, if the Cr6+ content in water is more than 0.1 mg L, it will have a toxic effect on the human body. The chromium-containing wastewater with excessive content is mixed into agricultural irrigation or water culture. After eating in the human body, it will cause cancer, and it is irritating to human skin and mucous membrane, which seriously threatens human health.

TA208 SBA exchange resin can used for hexavalent chromium, uranium removal.

This ion exchange resin for water purification has a good removal effect on Cr6+ when it is used to passivate chromium-containing wastewater.

Use this type of resin can effective protect the health of our body.

Safe package

Ion exchange resin for water purification

Wood pallet quality

• Firm, dry and fumigated wood material

• Standard size 1.1*1.1m (or customization)

• Space between two layers easy for forklift loading and unloading work

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