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Macroporous type I strong base anion exchange resin used for water demineralization, organic scavenger, such as tannic;sugar decolorization.
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Lanlang ® TA213D

Appearance: White opaque, spherical beads 


Naturally occurring organics such as tannic, humic, and fulvic acids, when chlorinated, can lead to high levels of toxic chlorinated organic compounds. These organics also contribute to aesthetically undesirable drinking water by causing high levels of color, odor and unpleasant taste.

Lanlang ® provides premium anion exchange resins TA213D (A-860 IRA958 analog) for the removal of naturally occurring organics from water. These resins are designed specifically to provide rapid efficient exchange for large organic ions both in the removal process and during regeneration. Removal of naturally occurring organics results in finished water with less color and odor, making the water more amenable to chlorination. Ion exchange resin suppliers Lanlang company, their organic removal resins are available in a variety of ionic forms and can be specially treated to prevent low pH and high chloride leakage when first placed into service. Unique very high porosity type I strong base resin with least possible chloride increase and low amine leaching.

Besides, for some sugar industrial, they need decolorization ion exchange resin supplier. Sugar can be decolorized and purified using ion exchange resin. Our TA213D (A-860 IRA958 analog) anion ion exchange resin, which can be effectively used in the decolorization process of cane sugar.

For TA213D Physical and Chemical Properties, welcome to contact us-ion exchange resin suppliers Lanlang, we will send you more product details.

With 10+ years experiences, Lanlang becomes not only China Top-10 water filter media supplier, but also offers you water solutions.

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Package details

1 cuft PE Valve bag

42 bags with one pallet

20 pallets in 1x20FCL container

Total: 840cuft / 1x20FCL

ion exchange resin manufacturer package

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