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Lanlang ® CH040 is a kind of macroporous N-methylglucamine chelating resin, used for Boron Removal
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Lanlang ® CH040 is a sort of chelate resin which has weakly basic aminophosphonic in the styrene and DVB copolymer with special macroporous structure. CH040 has unique functionality which makes it extremely selective for borate. CH040 is intended for all borate removal applications including potable water, ultrapure water, and boron removal from concentrated brines. CH040 is supplied in the free base.

ion exchange treatment

Boron is a naturally occurring element most often found as boric acid or boric acid salts. It’s chemical composition ranges from acid form (boric acid) to ion form. While it is most concentrated in water sources like seawater and well water due to other compounds that contain boron, it also occurs naturally in plants as a productive sugar mobilizer. Boron is a key component in the mitosis process of microorganismal growth making it present in plants and other products like fruits and vegetables. As boron is not a dietary requirement for humans, added sources of boron to the amount that is already consumed from foods is toxic for the human body. In addition, multiple salts and rocks are made up of compounds consisting of boron, which add up to the amounts of boron creating toxic effects on plants, animals, and humans alike. Toxicity affects the growth and product yield of plants and fish species suffer from high intakes of boron as well. Consuming only around 3 grams more than the required daily amount can result in nausea, vomiting, blood clotting, and any higher amounts can even be life threatening. Increased levels of boron in drinking water and soil have been correlated with individuals having arthritis. The World Health Organization (WHO) has consequently set a boron concentration limit for drinking water to be below 0.5 mg/L in addition to the standard of 1 mg/L for all other water applications. So boron removal is necessary, ion exchange treatment is an useful way!

Benefits of boron removal:

1.Safe drinking water

2. Safe irrigation water: Eliminates concern of decreased product yield

3. Removes overall TDS

4. Environment-friendly

5. Thorough elimination of contaminants

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