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Lanlang ® TA207 is high capacity gel type I strong base anion exchange resin, used for water demineralization, acid radical removal.
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Lanlang ® TA207 Is a premium grade gel type I strong base anion exchange resin with high crosslinked polystyrene matrix and quaternary amine (Trimethylamine) function group in standard Gaussian size distribution. Its clear gel structure make it has excellent regeneration efficiency (both in co-current and counter-current systems) and rinse performance. TA207 in chloride form could remove both strong and weak acid radicals such as sulfate, nitrate, arsenate, chromate and silicate to extreme low concentration level. Combining with strong acid cation exchange resin (in hydrogen form), TA207 in hydroxide form can be used in all types of demineralization system including condensate polishing.

Polishing condensate reduces the risk of damage to the boiler and the turbine caused by the concentration of soluble impurities that corrode internals which contribute to insoluble impurities such as copper, iron and silica in the re-circulating stream. In addition, the condensate polisher protects the system against condenser leaks: allowing continued operation for low TDS cooling waters and giving operators time to shut down the boiler for high TDS cooling waters. Plants with condensate polishers can also be started up more quickly. Saving the utility time and money and allowing more flexibility of operation.

In miscellaneous industries other than power generation, process condensates may contain a variety of contaminants, and may have to be treated at high temperature. These condensates may contain following contaminants: hardness, iron, ammonia, methanol, urea, hydrocarbons, organic acids, organic amines, silica, and other cations and anions.

ion water treatment

Mixed bed polishers are not suitable when the temperature exceeds 60 °C, because strongly basic ion exchange resins would degrade rapidly.

The most common process at high temperature is the use of a SAC resin in the Na cycle (softening), sometimes in the NH4 cycle.

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