Lanlang IX Resin

Lanlang ® TC007B Black color gel type strong acid cation exchange resin Used for water softening and demineralization
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Softening with cation resin is a simple exchange function. The IX resin bead is negatively charged and attracts positive ions. When supplied in the sodium form (Na+) the resin will exchange sodium ions for hardness ions calcium and magnesium. The bead is more strongly attracted to these ions and readily exchanges with the sodium.Once the resin is exhausted it is regenerated with a brine solution (NaCl). The brine overwhelms and releases the calcium and magnesium from the bead. The resin is converted back to the sodium form and ready for re-use.

Demineralization generally results in almost complete removal of minerals, and is thus typically reserved for applications requiring higher level of water purity, such as feed or makeup water for high pressure boilers, rinse water for food and beverage industries, or process streams used in electronics manufacture, for example.

IX resin

If you want to find IX resin for sofening and demineralization, Lanlang can be your best choice. Today I recommend our product Lanlang ® TC007B.Its dark color makes it it convenient to be separated from anion resin in mixed bed. We have specialized in water treatment field for 15 years, and provide service for more than 60 countries.Anually we have some popular resin certified by WQA, and do SGS test for our product to maintain our quality. We can offer your best chocie according to your demands! If you want to choose a kind of resin for sofening and demineralization, but you are confused with so many kinds of choice, welcome to contact us, we can recommend the appropriate one as your demand.Customers' satisfaction is our goal and is what we always devote ourselves to.

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