Macroporous Weak Acid Cation Fine Mesh Resin

Lanlang ® TC113FG-F is a premium food grade macroporous weak acid cation exchange resin with polyacrylic matrix structure in fine mesh particle size. This fine mesh size provides higher operating capacity, faster kinetics and better regeneration efficiency than conventional resin in standard Gaussian size distribution.
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Product Details


Food Grade Macroporous weak acid cation resin

Basic Features:


Water softening, dealkalizing for potable water, foods and beverages

Polymer matrix structure:

Fine mesh macroporous acrylic crosslinked with divinylbenzene (DVB)


Light yellow, opaque, spherical beads

Functional Group:

Carboxylic acid

Ionic form as shipped:


This resin product is made up of smaller beads than the standard one.

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Lanlang, established in 2005, has a professional team engaged in the research, development, production, sale, and service of water filtration medias.We have more than 10 years of professional experience in this industry and can be your stable and reliable supplier of resin and other media products.

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