Mb DI Water Resin

mb DI water resin
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Lanlang mb DI water resin,it is same with PMB101-3, which is a high capacity mixed bed ion exchange resin consisting of a mixture of a gel, Type I strong base anion resin and a gel strong acid cation resin for direct purification of water. The conductivity is 0.06us/cm max. It is suitable for use in regenerable or nonregenerable cartridges, for deionization with high silica removal efficiency and refine water for electrical home applications.

Plese check the following parameter of mb DI water resin.

Typical Physical & Chemical Characteristics 

Polymer Structure Gel polystyrene crosslinked with DVB 

Functional Group: Cation RSO3-H + Anion R4 N +OH

Ionic Form, as shipped H + / OH 

Physical Form And Appearance Spherical Beads Sphericity 95% min.

 Screen Size Range (U.S. Standard Screen) 16-50 mesh, wet 

Particle Size Range +1.2 mm < 5%, -0.3 mm < 1% 

Volume Ratio (as shipped) Cation 40% TC008H Anion 60% TA207OH 

Total Exchange Capacity Cation (in sodium form) 2.0 eq/l min Anion (in chloride form 1.35 eq/l min. 

Water Retention „H“ form 45-50% „OH“ form 53-60% 

Shipping Weight (Approx.) 700-740 g/l (44-46 lbs/cu.ft) 

Temperature Limit : Non-regenerative bed 100°C (212°F) max. 

Regenerative bed 60°C (140°F) max. 

pH Range 0-14

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mb DI water resin

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