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Lanlang ® TY MB-2 Electronic Grade Mixed Bed Resin for water deionization application
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Lanlang ® TY MB-2 is a high quality ionically equilibrated mb resin composed of strong acid cation resin in H+ form and strong base type 1 anion resin in OH+ form. Ready to use as supplied. It is designed for production of high purity water and other applications requiring DI water, such as semiconductor and micro electronic industry, DI water for laboratory, refining after RO system, etc. It can achieve almost complete reduction of TDS and resistivity >15 mega Ohm. Carbon dioxide could carbonate the hydroxide sites of anion component, so it is important to avoid exposure to atmosphere for long period.

Woring principle:

In the mb resin, since the cation and the anion resin are uniformly mixed with each other, the cation and anion exchange reactions are almost simultaneously performed. Or the cation exchange and anion mb resin_副本exchange of water are carried out by multiple exchanges. That is, H+ produced by H-type cation exchange and OH-type ions generated by OH-type ion exchange cannot be accumulated, and water having a low degree of dissociation is immediately generated. This basically eliminates the influence of the counter ion, and the ion exchange reaction can be carried out thoroughly, so the quality of the effluent of the mixed bed is high.

Performance characteristics of mb resin:

1) High-purity mixed resin

2) Strong exchange capacity

3) High mechanical strength and good osmotic resistance

4) have the most uniform granularity

5) Higher oxidation resistance and higher chemical stability

6) Short storage time before use, pay attention to storage time

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