Mixed Bed Deionizing Resin

wire cutting mixed bed deionizing resin for high pure water
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deionizing resin

The slow wire cutting mixed bed deionizing resin is a ready-to-use resin composed of a gel-type strong acid cation exchange resin and a strong base anion exchange resin.

It is made of special resin through high transformation and special purification treatment, and make a mixture and configured according to specific ratio.

It is suitable for the preparation of high-purity water for application of slow wire cutting electrical discharge processing (main purpose of removing ions and metal oxides,)and the condensate polishing system. It has the characteristics of high refined purity, large work exchange and long service life.

If you have any needs for deionizing resin for high pure water production, welcome to contact Lanlang ion exchange resin factory. We could supply premium deionizing resin to you.

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ion exchange resin manufacturer package

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