Mixed Bed Di Resin

Lanlang® TY MB-1 mixed Bed Resin For water deionization application
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Product Details

Lanlang® TY MB-1 is a high quality resin mixture composed of strong acid cation resin in H+ form and strong base type 1 anion resin in OH+ form.

Basic Features:


EDM, aquarium, window / vehicle / photovoltaic panel cleaning.

Polymer structure:

Gel polystyrene crosslinked with divinylbenzene


Amber color spherical beads

Functional Group:

Sulfonic Acid / Type I Quaternary Ammonium

Ionic form as shipped:

H+ / OH-

Below is mixed bed resin in a machine:

mixed bed di resin

In order to facilitate the separation of the anion and cation resin in the mixed bed, the difference in wet true density of the two resins should be greater than 15%. In order to meet the needs of high flow rate operation, the resin used in the mixed bed should have high mechanical strength and uniform particle size.

What to know more about the mixed bed di resin and how to operate during using mixed bed di resin. Contact us! Lanlang® can meet your needs with professional service.

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