Mixed Ion Exchange Resin

Mixed ion exchange resin also called "mixed bed ion exchange resin". It can used in mixed bed exchanger to reduce hardness, alkalinity in water. Help you to get better, more neutral water.
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Product Details

Mixed ion exchange resin

Product Description

The so-called mixed bed is to mix and fill a certain proportion of cation and anion exchange resin in the same exchange device, and exchange and remove ions in the water.

Its advantages include excellent effluent quality and near-neutral pH of effluent.

Lanlang has five type high quality mixed ion exchange resin:

TypeDescriptionTypical Application
TY MB-1cation:anion 1:1Water deionization for EDM, aquarium, window / vehicle / photovoltaic panel cleaning
TY MB-2cation:anion 1:1.5Water deionization for electronic industry, dental instrument, laboratory
TY MB-3cation:anion 1:2Preparation of ultrapure water with resistivity >18MΩ.cm
TY MB-GColor changing, cation resin indicatorColor changes from green to yellow after exhausting
TY MB-BColor changing, anion resin indicatorColor changes from blue to yellow after exhausting

TY MB-1,TY MB-2 and TY MB-3 's difference is the ratio of cation&anion exchange resin.The ratios are engineered to provide high capacity. You can choose the fitest one depends on the application.

TY MB-G and TY MB-B have different color indicators which can be easier for you to know when it is exhausted.

Product Package

mixed ion exchange resin's package

Here shows some package style of our mixed ion exchange resin.

And packages customization are also available.

You can choose:

1.Package in blank ;

2.Lanlang WQA package;

3.Customization package

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