Nitrate Resin

Lanlang ® TA465D Macroporous nitrate selective anion exchange resin Used for nitrate and nitrite removal
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Lanlang ® TA465D is designed to be used to remove nitrate and nitrite from potable water.

Nitrate Resin

Nitrate and nitrite are oxidizing chemical existence units of nitrogen, which are combined with various inorganic compounds. After nitrate enters the environment and is ingested by the human body, it can be reduced to nitrite. A large amount of nitrite can directly poison people, while a small amount of nitrite can interact with human blood to form methemoglobin The blood loses its ability to carry oxygen and is life-threatening. In addition, nitrite interacts with secondary amines to form nitrosamines, which can cause cancer in sufficient amounts. The toxicity of nitrate in drinking water mainly causes blue skin.

At present, ion resin can selectively remove certain ions from industrial water and drinking water, and has a larger exchange capacity and a smaller leakage value for selective ions.

When anionic resins work in the chloride form, chloride ions eventually replace all anions. After passing through the whole process, the sulfate of the effluent is close to 0.

In the first step of the run, bicarbonate is exchanged for chloride and then pushed away from the resin in the latter part of the run. According to the general drinking water concentration, because sulfate has a stronger affinity for resin than other anions, sulfate occupies the top part of the resin bed, and nitrate has second and third affinity for resin, so they occupy the next part.

Use scene:

Denitrate in drinking water;

Mineral water denitrate;

Groundwater denitrate;

Remove nitrate from domestic sewage;

Oxidation of organic and fuel production wastewater to remove nitrates and so on.

Those are the information of nitrate resin! If you still have some problems like how to process when the product works, how to regenerate, what condition can it be used and so on. Lanlang can be your good listener and offer you best advice.

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