Premium Resins Used In Ion Exchange Chromatography

Are you looking for resins used in ion exchange chromatography? Lanlang can provide Lanlang ® CS-1 Strong acid cation resin in calcium form and Lanlang ® CS-2 Strong acid cation resin in sodium form resins used in ion exchange chromatography.
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Lanlang ® CS-1 can be used for glucose and fructose separation,the purity of fructose could improve from 42% to 80%-95%.

Lanlang ® CS-2 can be used for monose and oligose separation, It could improve the purity of glucose from 60% to 90%-95%.

Ion exchange chromatography involves the separation of ionizable molecules based on their total charge. This technique enables the separation of similar types of molecules that would be difficult to separate by other techniques because the charge carried by the molecule of interest can be readily manipulated by changing buffer pH.

The basic principle of displacement chromatography is: A molecule with a high affinity for the chromatography matrix (the displacer) competes effectively for binding sites, and thus displaces all molecules with lesser affinities.

Physical and Chemical Properties:




Yellow to Brown Beads

Moisture Content %

45 ~ 55

Capacity Based on Weight mmol/g

≥ 4.50

Capacity Based on Volume mmol/ml

≥ 1.80

True Density(Wet) g/ml


Shipping Weight g/ml


ParticleSize Range %

(0.20~0.40mm)≥ 90.0

Convert Rate %


Whole Beads %


Operating Temperature ℃


Temperature Limited ℃


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