Removing Fluoride Ion Exchange Resin

Lanlang is supplying removing fluoride ion exchange resin used for portable water.
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In some countries.The fluoride content is very high in their drinking water.The bone and teeth will be hurt heavily if drinking such water for a long time.It is very bad for health.It even could cause cancer.Then many customers come to Lanlang for removing fluoride ion exchange resin.Lanlang's removing fluoride ion exchange resin is with long life-time and high efficiency for removing fluoride.The model number for Lanlang resin is TA466D.

Lanlang TA466D is a special resin with macroporous structure. It is a macromolecule copolymer with active aluminum group on its styrene-DVB matrix. This kind of chemical structure is easy for fluorine acid radical in water to form stable complex compound, thereby intent to remove and reduce fluorine concentration in water, in the end reach to the National Drinking Water Standard which is below 1mg/L.

Lanlang TA466D could fill in fluoride removal filter and use as fluorine-removal agent, thus to remove fluorine directly in household water system. Also, according to the specific requirement from clients, it could use together with other filter materials (e.g. activated carbon or other water softening resins).

You could see more information of this resin as below.

Appearance:Grey beads

Ionic form:Al

Moisture retention (%):50-55

Particle size range (%):0.315-1.25 mm≥95

Whole uncracked beads after attrition (%):≥96

Mass capacity (mmol/g):1.50

Volume capacity (mmol/ml):0.50

Bulk density (g/ml):0.72-0.80

Specific density (g/ml):1.15-1.25

Uniformity coefficient:<1.6

Effective diameter (mm):0.40-0.70

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