Resin For Ion Exchange Water Treatment

Lanlang ® TC007B is a black color gel type strong acid cation exchange resin used for water softening and demineralization
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Lanlang ® TC007B Is a premium grade gel type strong acid cation exchange resin.TC007B in sodium form is widely used for water softening to reduce total hardness. In hydrogen form, it also can be used for water demineralization.


Hard water forms scale in water pipes and in boilers, both domestic and industrial. It can cause turbidity in beer and soft drinks. If the city water is very hard and you forget to add salt, the calcium salt will deposit in the glass of the dishwasher. The strongly acidic cation exchange resin used in the form of sodium removes these hardness cations from the water. When these cations are loaded in the softening unit, they are then regenerated with sodium chloride (NaCl, salt).

For many applications, all ions in the water must be removed. Especially when heated water produces steam, any impurities will precipitate and cause damage. Due to the presence of cations and anions in the water, we must use two different types of resins: cation exchangers and anion exchangers.

Those are the basic introduction of water softening and water demineralization. Lanlang ® TC007B is just one kind of this resin. If you choose us, you can be assured with the best quality of resin. From the start of production to after shipment, we will inform you every step and let you know the status of each process. Lanlang will ensure only the qualified resin will reach to your door! So you don't need to worry about every steps, just wait for your goods. When you have problems after you receive good, you can email to our after-sales department, and then they will tell our engineer to find out the problem and issue the solution. You can get satisfied solutions at the end!

So would you like to trust Lanlang? Please contact us if you want to enjoy the best product and service, we will try our best to offer you our best service! Of course, we believe only the best quality can maintain the long-term cooperation and we are and will always to find a way to upgrade our product and service!

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