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Lanlang ® TA213 Gel type I strong base anion exchange resin Used for water demineralization, organics removal.
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Tannins are dissolved, decayed organic matter in the water, and generally not a health risk. This occurs primarily in river or surface water, but can also occur in wells on occasion. We have heard of estimates of 12,000 different types of common tannins. Most people drink a form of tannin every day in the guise of tea or coffee.

Tannin, in abundance, will generally cause a yellow or brownish tinge to the water supply. It comes from decayed vegetation or animal matter, and is carbon based, as is all life forms. This is significant in that carbon tends to deplete oxygen, and tannin-laden waters will reduce the amount of free oxygen in water.

Tannins can also prevent iron from precipitating, and tannins in water are responsible for many failures of iron removal filter systems. Sometimes organic will bind with iron (called heme iron) and will cause the iron to pass through an oxidation process while remaining in solution. The best way to remove the iron in cases such as this is to treat the iron as an organic, and remove it with tannin resin.

Lanlang ® TA213 is a premium grade gel type I strong base anion exchange resin with polyacrylic matrix and quaternary amine (Trimethylamine) function group in standard Gaussian size distribution. The acrylic structure offers TA213 with excellent adsorption and desorption of organics. TA213 could be used in multi bed demineralizing system to prevent resins from organic fouling or remove natural organic contaminants from surface water such as Tannin.

Resin For Tannin

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