Resins Used In Ion Exchange Chromatography

Lanlang® CS-1 Strong acid cation resin in calcium form Used for glucose and fructose separation
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Resins used in ion exchange chromatography

Lanlang® CS-1 is a chromatogram resin with special particle size range. Lanlang® CS-1 is a calcium type resin. Mainly used to separate and purify of glucose and fructose, the purity of fructose could improve from 42% to 80%-95%.

The principle:

Ion-exchange chromatography separates molecules based on their respective charged groups. Ion-exchange chromatography retains analyte molecules on the column based on coulombic (ionic) interactions. The ion exchange chromatography matrix consists of positively and negatively charged ions.Essentially, molecules undergo electrostatic interactions with opposite charges on the stationary phase matrix. The stationary phase consists of an immobile matrix that contains charged ionizable functional groups or ligands.The stationary phase surface displays ionic functional groups (R-X) that interact with analyte ions of opposite charge. To achieve electroneutrality, these inert charges couple with exchangeable counterions in the solution. Ionizable molecules that are to be purified compete with these exchangeable counterions for binding to the immobilized charges on the stationary phase. These ionizable molecules are retained or eluted based on their charge. Initially, molecules that do not bind or bind weakly to the stationary phase are first to wash away. Altered conditions are needed for the elution of the molecules that bind to the stationary phase. The concentration of the exchangeable counterions, which competes with the molecules for binding, can be increased or the pH can be changed.

Cation exchange chromatography retains positively charged cations because the stationary phase displays a negatively charged functional group:

resins used in ion exchange chromatography

Anion exchange chromatography retains anions using positively charged functional group:

resin used in ion exchange chromatography


Lanlang has established in 2005,and engaged in the water filtration media for over 14 years.

We have many types of resin products including the resins used in ion exchange chromatography.

So if you have some need in the resin products,just contact us for more information.

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