Sugar Decolorization Resin Lanlang ® TA312

Lanlang ® TA312 Gel type weak base anion exchange resin Used for water deacidification, decolorization, high capacity
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The usual process of cane sugar is extraction, purification, evaporation, concentration, crystallization, separation, drying, and finished product. However, such sugars tend to have high levels of impurities, and the color and taste are not ideal. To make a high level of sugar, you must increase the refining process. Cane sucrose refining process including: Affination,melter,clarification, filtration, Decolorization, evaporation, crystallization.

The color value is an important index of the quality of sugar. The high color value is due to the high content of colored impurities in the material. Modern sucrose refining technology is decolorized by ion exchange resin, especially in the production of some refined sugar and high-grade syrup.

So we recommend you our product Lanlang ® TA312 for decolorization. Lanlang ® TA312 Is a premium grade gel type weak base anion exchange resin with acrylic matrix and tertiary amine (Dimethylamine) function group in standard Gaussian size distribution. The acrylic matrix has excellent effectiveness for adsorption and desorption of organic molecules. TA312 also has very high free base capacity. TA312 is recommended to be used for deacidification and decolorization.

sugar decolorization resin

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