Top Water Softener Resin

Lanlang ® TC008FG Is a premium food grade gel type strong acid cation exchange resin produced by sulfonated styrene-divinylbenzene (DVB) copolymers in standard Gaussian size distribution. TC008FG is in compliance with US FDA 21 CFR 173.25 and NSF/ANSI 61 qualified with WQA Gold Seal Certificate. It has excellent chemical, physical and thermal stability, and high exchange capacity. Its good ion exchange kinetics gives high efficiency for uses in both regenerable softeners and non-regenerable cartridges.
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Top water softener resin

Lanlang® TC008FG

Food Grade high capacity gel type resin

water softener resin

When the hardness of the water is too high, it is not delicious to drink, and it is easy to produce white precipitated scale. If the scale is attached to a heating container or heater, it will extend the heating time and waste energy. When the hardness is high, soap is not easy to foam, and more detergent is wasted. After the scale enters the body, it cannot be absorbed and is the enemy of health.

Finding an ideal water purification method is very important to improve the quality of life and promote health. We should have a consensus that the goal of purifying water quality is to soften hardness and remove pollutants that have an impact on health in water.

Use the water softener resin product can reduce the water hardness and improve the taste of water.

Lanlang,an experienced and capable water treatment media supplier,has many types of resin products.

We have get the WQA certificate which can prove the quality of our products.

If you are interested in it,just contact us for more information.

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