Water Softener Filter Media

water softener filter media
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Is all water quality created equal? We don’t think so! Sure, in its purest form, water is water, but once it comes in contact with people and the environment, everything changes. Water can easily become contaminated or hard.

What is non-softening water?

It contains a buildup of minerals, such as Ca and Mg, which has reached a certain level . While it may not look much different than soft water, it can wreak havoc on homes and people.

What are the effects of non-softening water?

If you're one of many people who currently have non-softening in your home, all you need to do is look around and you’ll notice any or all of these signs of non-softening:

Rusty looking stains on toilets, tubs, sinks, and showers

Water spots on dishes and silverware

Lime build-up on showerheads and plumbing fixtures

Dry skin and hair

And the list goes on…

Lanlang corp could help you to solve that problem.

Easier cleaning – no more water spot on fixtures, appliances, or clothing

Less soap and detergent detergents and soaps required

Increased longevity of water-using appliances (no mineral buildup on their insides!)

Softer and hair

Cleaner, spotless dishes and cutlery.

When you use Lanlang water softener filter media, it could solve all problem you met.You can put them to your container, then water flow though it, everything will be ok.

If you need more information, welcome to contact us. Our technical person will help you.

water softener filter media

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