Water Softener Media Replacement Resin

A water softener system often is an integral part to homes that have particularly hard water that can stain sinks and break appliances over time. It typically is not necessary, but it is preferable to many who do not want to risk water stains and possibly clogged pipes. There are a few main...
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Water softener media replacement time is usually about 20 years.

Lanlang offers a wide product line of cation exchange resins/ ion exchange resin for domestic and industrial water softening including fine mesh resins, highly crosslinked resins, coarse mesh resins, low crosslinked resins and macroporous resins. In general, softening is the removal of Calcium and Magnesium to prevent hard water from scaling on piping, plumbing fixtures, bathroom surfaces and etc. It is also called the removal of hardness.

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water softener media replacement

Tips for water softener repair:

The most useful tip for water softener repair is to cut off the water supply to the unit, as this reduces the likelihood of water damage and saves the homeowner from contending with a large mess. It is also necessary to shut off power to the unit to eliminate the possibility of accidents. Each water softener system is different, and some are marked with arrows indicating which direction to turn the valves to reverse the water flow direction. Otherwise, turning the valves in the opposite direction should empty the unit.

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