Water Softener Resin Beads WQA Approved

WQA certified water softener resin beads;
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Do you use some equaipment to fix your household water problems with our line of water and reverse osmosis systems.

Very simply put, hard water is water that contains a high concentration of certain minerals, namely calcium and magnesium. ... Even worse, over time hard water can leave deposits that can damage your pipes.

WHAT DOES A water softening machine DO?

In simple terms it makes water soft by removing the ion that make water hard.

Most city water is hard.

It removes the minerals that cause hardness, creating household water that is soft on skin and easy on appliances.

Automatic Washers

You may have noticed that hardness minerals interfere with the cleaning action of soaps and detergents (i.e. little to no lather). As a result, larger amounts of cleaning agents are needed to counteract the hard water, and even then, laundry results are not as effective as in soft water.



Water enters the resin tank filled with beads that soften water as you use it. When you turn on the tap, water passes through, and hardness is exchanged with sodium, and put back into your tap.


Salt and water is stored in the brine system. Salt dissolves in the water to create a cleaning solution called brine. When more brine is needed in the resin tank, it is pulled out of the brine tank and transferred to the resin tank. This is called “regeneration.”


The control valve routes the water through the system and controls how much brine is in the resin tank, and regenerates when needed. smart control valve learns your water usage, alerts you when more salt is needed, and pops off for easy maintenance.

The most important part is water softener resin beads, I am so happy to tell you that you can got the best resin quality ion exchange resin from Lanlang corp.

1. Production, Our raw material suppliers are selected strictly and have stable cooperation for 10+ years. We could guranttee the stable quality long term.
2. Quality control. We have double insurance for QC.
1) work shop will do it, and provide test report to us.

They take sample at the warehouse site, one sample from each pallet.

Samples are strictly tested and results are indicated in complete certificate of analysis (COA);
2)We have professional technical team, if you meet any question, we could help you do the analyse, and provide solve solution.
3) Excellent after sales service.
In working hours, feedback WITHIN ONE HOUR;
-- Out of working hours, feedback WITHIN 24 HOURS;

If you need more infomation about it,welcome to contact us.

water softener ion exchange resin

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