WQA Anion Resin For Sugar Decolorization

PRINCIPAL APPLICATIONS; Organic Scavenger Organics removal Sugar decoloration
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Product Details

Lanlang ;® ;TA213D

Macroporous strong base anion exchange resin

Used for water demineralization, organic scavenger, sugar decolorization.


Our TA213D resins can be very effective for demineralization Organics removal of sugar, and the resins are very easy for regeneration and operation.the processing with resins can produce higher and more stable quality discolored sugar.

Advantages of ion exchange resins for sugar processing


·Organic Scavenger

·Organics removal

Sugar decoloration


1.Excellent removal of organic matter

2.Efficient regeneration

3.Good resistance to organic fouling

4.More environmentally friendly

5. Easy for operation

6. Low consumption of water and electricity

Typical physical ;& ;chemical charactetristics ;:



Resins easy for regeneration and with lower cost compared with activated carbon

About sugar decoloration with Ion Exchange Resins

There are lots of colored substance during processing of cane sugar. Some like Flavonoids impurities, melanin, are naturally existed, other colored substance come from the cane sugar processing. Activated carbon is usually used for cane sugar decoloration as the traditional method, and with the technology development, new trend of adopting ion exchange resins for sugar processing are getting increasing attention.

Package details

25liter PE Valve bag

48-50 bags with one pallet;

20pallet in 1x20FCL container

super sack bags on packed on wooden pallets


Company Profile

Lanlang is the China top 10 ion exchange resin supplier in China.we could supply cation resin, anion resin, mixed bed resin, and some special resin.

Company Certificates

Lanlang has aquired many authorized certificates as ISO9001, WQA,TUV etc for our products and managment. These guarantee our production, qaulity and managment are better.


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