High Borosilicate Kangen Water Bottle

Our High Borosilicate Kangen Water Bottlehas the most advanced SPE and proprietary DuPont PEM technology. The most stylish USB Molecular Hydrogen Water Generator just got supercharged with thicker Platinum coated Titanium plates to make more Hydrogen concentrates faster.
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Hydrogen-rich water change the constitution of sub-rich health. High Borosilicate Kangen Water Bottle change your life. Hydrogen water also called water for life,increase cellular activity and permeability, anti-aging and we can also be washed Hands and face with which to keep our skin in good condition.Improve cellular health and enhance better nutrient absorption in the body.Better hydration for your body- increase blood circulation. High Borosilicate Kangen Water Bottle Help to lower saturated fat



Our High Borosilicate Kangen Water Bottle can make healthy water.

Humanization design function: double transparent glass with curve design , heat retaining and anti-scald one button operation, hydrogen making is visible, beautiful LED indicator, the cap with anti high pressure, the base has anti-skid pad at bottom, steady , easy to clean and disassemble

Test Data


Use method

Instructions for Care: 
1. Before using, wash and clean the cup thoroughly. (Do not immerse the machine in water because of the usb port.) 
2. Avoid direct sunlight. Avoid freezing. 
3. Do not pour boiling water into the cup.
4. Do not pour liquid with gas,it will growth the volatile of gas when electrolytic.Do not use liquid over 40℃ ·







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