Hydrogenated Kangen Water Bottle

Rapid Hydrogen Production : Hydrogen-rich water cups use expensive titanium platinum electrolyte membranes, which are highly efficient for electrolysis. It takes only 3 minutes to rapidly produce hydrogen-rich water. Hydrogenated Kangen Water Bottle brings you a healthy life: anti-stress, anti-fatigue, enhance immunity, improve memory, beauty, improve sleep, improve water quality, etc.
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About The Hydrogen Water

With the enhancement of personal health care consciousness, while considering purely thirst-quenching and replenishing water, it gradually transforms into health, nutrition, and beauty. Hydrogen-rich water will become the new darling, hydrogen ions in the water can neutralize the body of excess active oxygen (2H2O + O2 = 2H2O) into water, with the urine excreted, help the cell metabolism, safety, without any side effects on the human body. Hydrogenated Kangen Water Bottle can meet your requirements.



Our Hydrogenated Kangen Water Bottle can make healthy water 

·  Anti-allergy enhance immunity

·  Assisted treatment of chronic diseases

·  Bidirectional regulation of blood viscosity

·  Improve the intestinal environment

·  Protect the human body from electromagnetic waves

·  Burn fat to lose weight

·  Hangover function

·  Anti-wrinkle anti-aging


Test Data


Use method

Instructions for Care: 
1. Before using, wash and clean the cup thoroughly. (Do not immerse the machine in water because of the usb port.) 
2. Avoid direct sunlight. Avoid freezing. 
3. Do not pour boiling water into the cup.
4.Do not pour liquid with gas,it will growth the volatile of gas when electrolytic.Do not use liquid over 40℃ 








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