Rich Hydrogen Kangen Water Bottle

Our Rich Hydrogen Kangen Water Bottle can make hydrogen water anytime anywhere. One-button quickly to start alkaline water: One button to start hydrogen production and alkaline water with PH value 7.5--9.0 in 3mins, simple and convenient to operate,With LED indicator, dazzling colorful.
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The history of Rich Hydrogen Kangen Water Bottle

As early as 100 years ago, the world famous French "Lourdes spring", Germany "Noel's nao spring" can be found on a variety of chronic diseases have a very good treatment effect, hence the name "holy water" and spread so far.In 1956, Dr Dunham·Harman put forward the theory of "aging free radicals" in the United Kingdom. He believes the degeneration of the aging process is caused by the harmful effects of free radicals produced during normal cell metabolism. Scientific studies have shown that free radicals that damage human health is almost all linked to the more active oxides. After years of research and demonstration by dozens of scientists, hydrogen is a good antioxidant. Hydrogen-Rich Water was born. Rich Hydrogen Kangen Water Bottle was born.



Our Rich Hydrogen Kangen Water Bottle can make healthy water 

1.Maintain beauty and keep young: Activate human cells, delaying senescence,

2.Strengthen immunity: Enhance human immunity, improve cell activity, keep drinking can reduce illness

3.Promote digestion: Promote digestion and excretion function, soften blood vessels

4.Improve intestines and stomach:improve metabolism, maintain the balance of endocrine, and promote fat decomposition

5.Relieve drunkenness: it can avoid getting drunk, continuously drink, the efficacy will be better


Test Data


Use method 

Instructions for Care: 
1.Before using, wash and clean the cup thoroughly. (Do not immerse the machine in water because of the usb port.) 
2.Avoid direct sunlight. Avoid freezing. 
3.Do not pour boiling water into the cup.
4.Do not pour liquid with gas,it will growth the volatile of gas when electrolytic.Do not use liquid over 40℃ .








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