Kangen Water Ceramic Disc

Kangen Water Ceramic Disc is an alloy-ceramic composite material, which is composed of a total of 12 materials of a base component, a hydrogen-rich component and an antibacterial material, and is baked at a low temperature.
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Hydrogen Water Antioxidants Ceramic Filter Disc is made of tourmaline, maifan stone and a variety of alloy materials, which are strictly selected,through compression molding,Discs should increase the pH and reduce the ORP to create alkaline anti-oxidant water for more effective hydration. Discs can be used in drinking,washing,bath and other products.

Do you know portable water problems even if it is pure RO water ?


Properties of Hydrogen Water Antioxidants Ceramic Filter Disc

Size Distribution: 38mm; 45mm; 52mm (or shape customization)

PH: 7-10 ↑

ORP(mv): -200 ~ -350 ↓

H+: 700~1000 ↑


Functions of Hydrogen Water Antioxidants Ceramic Filter Disc

1. Making anti-oxidant water

2. PH is 7-10 and making healthy alkaline water

3. Anti-oxidant power strengthen body’s immune system

4. Activate cells to promote metabolism

5. Mineral release: K, Ca, Na, Mg, Zn, Se, Sr

6. Remove pesticide residues from fruits and vegetables

8. Prevent bacterial growth




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