Nano Silver Antibacterial Ceramic Ball

Nano Silver Antibacterial Ceramic ball has long-lasting bactericidal effect, no harm to human body, no irritation to skin, and it is safe and non-toxic. Anti-bacterial effect: >90%
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Nano Silver Antibacterial Ceramic ball configure composite materials from sintering a nano silver inorganic antibacterial agent, kaolin and an appropriate amount of pore forming agent. Its outstanding features are the spherical porosity, broad antibacterial spectrum, high efficiency, long-lasting, non-toxic, antibacterial rate of more than 90%.manufactured by baking process at low temperature after impregnates ceramic ball with nano silver liquid for 48 hours. 


Do you know water with germs even if it is pure RO water ?


Parameter of Nano Silver Antibacterial Ceramic ball

Size distribution with diameter of 2-30mm (or customization)

Appearance white color spherical balls

Specific area >500 m2/g

Anti-bacterial function >90%

Biosorption of heavy metal >90%

Adsorption of organisms >90%


Experimental Figure


Functions of Nano Silver Antibacterial Ceramic ball

1. Resisting and killing golden staphylococcus and colibacillus

2. Adsorbing heavy metal ions organisms

3. Smells removal in the water

4. Remove pesticide residues from fruits and vegetables

5. Small molecule water enhances absorption of human body






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