Hydrogen Water Antioxidants Ceramic Filter DIsc

Hydrogen Water Antioxidants Ceramic Filter Disc should increase the pH and reduce the ORP to create alkaline anti-oxidant water for more effective hydration. 1. ORP: 0mv — -100mv 2. Alkaline correction: pH 7.0 — 9.0 3. Mineral release: K, Ca, Na, Mg, Zn, Se, Sr
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Hydrogen Water Antioxidants Ceramic Filter Disc is made of tourmaline, maifan stone and a variety of alloy materials, which are strictly selected,through compression molding, high temperature sintering and other processes. Disc produce negative potential water, weak alkaline water and hydrogen-rich water. Discs  can be used in functional water cups, functional kettles and other products.


Do you know portable water problems even if it is pure RO water ?


Properties of Hydrogen Water Antioxidants Ceramic Filter Disc

Size Distribution: 38mm; 45mm; 52mm (or shape customization)

PH: 7-10 ↑

ORP(mv): -200 ~ -350 ↓

H+: 700~1000 ↑


Functions of Hydrogen Water Antioxidants Ceramic Filter Disc

1. Anti-aging 

2. Restore PH balance in your body,keep healthy and active

3. Anti-oxidant power strengthen body’s immune system

4. Small molecule water is more easily absorbed by the body

5. Essential minerals maintains optimal health

6. Remove pesticide residues from fruits and vegetables

8. Inhibit bacterial growth





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