ORP Magnesium Granule Ceramic Balls

ORP Magnesium Granule Ceramic Balls are made by pure Magnesium ingot. 1. ORP: -150mv — -300mv 2. Alkaline correction: pH 7.0 — 9.0 Storage: keep in dry and well ventilated storage condition to avoid water and moisture
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ORP Magnesium Ball with 99% Mg powder as raw materials,  which enhance the stablity of performance of Magnesium. Color is silvery white, Its strong chemical activity is large.I n the water treatment application, the granules could increase the pH of water ,at the same time it makes rich hydrogen and lower ORP water.

Do you know water problems even if it is pure RO water ?

lower oxygen


Properties of ORP Magnesium Granule Ceramic Balls

Size distribution:   with diameter of 2-15mm (or customization)

PH: 7-10↑

ORP(mv): -200 ~ -350↓

H+: 700~1000↑

Test Data of ORP Magnesium Granule Ceramic Balls


Product Functions:

1. Produce rich hydrogen water, natural antioxidant without any side-effect

2. Remove harmful free radicals of human body

3. Improve hypertensive and diabetes, strengthen the detoxification function of liver and kidney

4. Improve sub-healthy and anti-aging

5. Diminish inflammation, repair the damaged cells

6. Inhibition of microbial reproduction






Safe consideration:


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