Germanium Bathing Ceramic Balls

Germanium Bathing Ceramic Balls acts on the human body by the massage of its own acupoints, causing the cells in the body to generate fluctuations and resonances to promote blood circulation. Stimulate the vitality of skin cells and continue cell aging Dilate blood vessels, reduce blood viscosity, improve blood circulation around the joints and improve efficacy
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Formulated by high purity and natural germanium stones.Germanium Bathing Ceramic Balls are more and more popular in the field of bath & cosmetic. Germanium balls could release the far infrared, negative oxygen ion to help human bodies excrete the toxins and waste out, increase oxygen content in the blood, bring beauty and health to skin and hair. Besides household application, the balls also work well in large-scale sauna, spa, sand therapy, stone therapy, etc. 


Properties of Germanium Bathing Ceramic Balls

Appearance: Nut-brown color spherical balls

Size distribution: 2mm-30mm diameter (or customization)

Materials: Natural germanium stone,natural tourmaline gemstones,natural magnets


Application & Functions:


Product Package: 


Safe consideration:


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