Ceramic Laundry Washing Ball

Ceramic Laundry Washing Ball could help to wash clothes for washing machine ,three ceramic ball are included . 1. Tourmaline Ball: Adjust water PH level Negative Ion Ball: Release amount(ions): 2000 or so Far-infrared ball: Far-infrared emission rate(%): 10-18
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The ceramic ball is made of an ore material such as anion material, medical stone, volcanic stone and high-quality clay. The three ceramic balls are used to make weak alkaline water, release negative ions, activate water, and finally apply to laundry, remove clothing stains, safe, non-polluting, can protect allergic skin, is a substitute for laundry detergent.


Functions of Ceramic Laundry Washing Ball :

1. Tourmaline Ball

Adjust water PH level to 8.5 +

Alkaline water and stains undergo saponification like detergent to make clothes clean


2. Negative Ion Ball

Release amount(ions): 2000 or so

Remove bacteria in  the water and  washing machine


3. Far-infrared ball

Far-infrared emission rate(%): 10-18

Active water , make the water molecules easily penetrate into the clothing fiber ,so that stains and fiber loose easily


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