Alkaline Balls

Lanlang Alkaline Balls are made of natural mineral materials such as shells, applying the latest "micro-hole structure sustained-release " technology and multi-temperature roasting process, so Lanlang Alkaline Ball has a long service life, basic security control with lower cost, which is a new type of alkaline mineral ball, can be applied to water purification filter, clean kettle and elevation of alkaline products.
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Alkaline water is getting more popular to customers. Because of short life of ordinary alkaline ball, alkaline beyond their control facing out. Moreover other functional ceramic ball (such as negative potential ball) can efficiently raise alkaline, but due to the high cost, most manufacturers cannot bear the cost, It is not suitable for to be as alkaline water functional materials.


• restore PH value between 8 and 9.5, make alkaline water

• durable, could use at least 1 year

• mineralize your water.

• provide silicic acid, which has bee proved to soften blood vessels

• absorb micro particles and microorganism

• remove foul taste and smell from water



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