Alkaline Stone

In general, alkalinity promotes and maintains optimal health in the body, while acidity has a negative impact. While some acidity is natural and necessary, many people suffer from leaning too acidic, which is a far too common result of our modern diet from acidic foods and beverages. When we lean acidic, our bodies compensate through natural buffers, which kick in to maintain the necessary alkalinity in the body. Overtime this compensation can lead to unintended consequences, such as weaker bones and muscles or even disease. Alkaline water offers convenient and safe ways to bring our bodies back into balance and achieve optimal hydration.
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alkaline stone


  1. King of Element

    Alkaline stone contains nearly 20 kinds abundant trace element human need. Such as Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, Silicon, Manganese, Titanium, phosphorus and such. These elements can make the body to maintain a physiological balance, can inhibit the formation of naproxen, is conducive to prolonged cell life and biological health.

  2. Long service life

    Been tested repeatedly, pearl calcium ceramic ball put in water can maintain pH at about 8.5, no any impurity powder dissolved, service life can be reached 1 year.Its producing weak alkaline water service life increased above 3 times than former alkaline ceramic ball products.

  3. It is baked by natural mineral stone under high temperature.

    No impurity precipitation, drink safely and healthy. The manufacture of weak alkaline water at the same time can dissolve a small amount of silicic acid elements, to produce partial silicic acid mineral water. The production of alkaline water PH value maintained at between 8-9, more suitable for drinking.usage

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