Alkaline Water Balls For Filter Cartridge

Alkaline Water Balls For Filter Cartridge

Lanlang is supplying higher effect and longer life time alkaline water balls to overseas customers.
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Lanlang produces high level different models of alkaline water balls.One of them is Magnesium is produced by milling standard-purity (99.8% Mg) or ultra-high-purity (99.98% Mg) magnesium ingots.

It should increase the pH and reduce the ORP to create alkaline anti-oxidant water for more effective hydration. Lanlang's magnesium granule is with SGS report to show it's safe for drinking water. Customers order it to fill in their filter cartridge or some other equipment for the water filtration system.

The feature is as below.

AppearanceSilver gray spherical granules
Regular Size (mm)4~5
Customized Size (mm)1~5
ORP (mv)↓200 ~ 500
TDS (mg/L)↑50 ~ 300
Hydrogen (ppb)↑200 ~700

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