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ion exchange resin beads for aquarium
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For aquarium filed, there are different chemical water filtration media for water purification. Activated carbon;Phosphate Removing Media;and ion exchange resin beads.

Activated carbon removes many harmful elements from aquarium water including copper, chlorine, carbohydrates and other dissolved organic materials. It also takes out sulfa drugs, antibiotics, and other medications. One of the prominent features of activated carbon is its ability to remove discoloration in aquarium water. In other words, activated carbon can eliminate unsightly murky or cloudy tank water conditions, making your aquarium look so clear that you'll question whether water is still in it.

Phosphate Removing Media

These highly porous, super adsorbent media effectively bind large amounts of phosphate, organic compounds, and other pollutants from the aquarium. By removing phosphate, negative conditions associated with high phosphate levels such as cloudy tank water and aggressive nuisance algae growth can be curbed. There is a variety of phosphate removing media but ferric oxide hydroxide-based media is the preferred product among many reef aquarium hobbyists.

ion exchange resin beads

Lanlang offers a large number of ion exchange resins suitable for use in the aquarium industry. These products include resins that are selective for arsenic, nitrate, and so on.





Potable water grade gel type cation exchange resin for hardness, ammonia, heavy metal removal.


Gel polyacrylic type I strong base anion exchange resin for organic and Tannin removal.


Arsenic (Arsenate and Arsenite) selective anion exchange resin with hydrous iron oxide.


Nitrate selective anion exchange resin with Triethylamine function group.


Mixed bed resin with color indicator (green to blue).


Mixed bed resin with color indicator (blue to yellow).

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