Bathing Device Dechlorination Ceramic Ball

Product features: remove residual chlorine, heavy metals, suction filtration
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Dechlorination Balls are formulated mainly by Calcium sulfite and Magnesium oxide.

The balls have excellent capability to remove residual chlorine in the water while also inhibiting bacterial growth.


Product Description

Function of Dechlorination Ceramic Balls

1. Residual chlorine removal

2. Effciently and rapidly removes 99% residual chlorine

3. Improve the content of dissolved oxygen

4. Inhibit microbe breeding

Use range:

·PH value: 4-10 Temperature: 0°C-80°C Influent residual chlorine concentration: ≤2PPM

· Pressure: 0-5 KG/CM2 (kg/cm2) Flow rate: 0.5LPM-8LPM (L/min)

Applicable areas:

·Bathing device: The dechlorination ball has the advantages of good hardness, high efficiency and short reaction time. It can fully meet the special requirements of relatively small volume of the shower, high flow requirement and high requirements for chlorine removal.

·It is used in the faucet filter element. When the filter element is small in volume and high in chlorine removal requirements, it can be used alone or in combination with other filter materials to achieve high flow rate and high chlorine removal efficiency. No toxic substances are released.

·Besides the residual chlorine filter, it can add a high-efficiency dechlorination filter in the filtration process of beverage and pure water production, and easily achieve the residual chlorine of the effluent below 0.1ppm, ensuring the safety of the reverse osmosis membrane in the next stage.

·In the production of activated carbon filter, a certain proportion of dechlorination balls are blended to make a high-efficiency dechlorination carbon rod filter, which greatly enhances the efficiency of the product in removing chlorine.

·In the central water purifier, mixing a certain proportion of the product can improve the filtration effect of the entire product and avoid the damage to the resin and affect the quality of the soft water.



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